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AfterCam - Capture the moment, After the moment

4.0 ( 2080 ratings )
Foto en video Lifestyle
Developer: Kemari, LLC

AfterCam is a video camera that helps you keep only the memorable moments you’re really after - AFTER they’ve happened. It continuously captures video, but won’t save anything to your photo library until you tell it to.

With AfterCam, there’s no need to record hours of video you know you’ll never edit. So, instead of recording your kids entire game, or seven hours of baby’s ALMOST first steps, record only the highlights to begin with.

You simply aim it as if you were recording video; then, when something memorable happens that you want to keep, press one of the number buttons to save the previous 5, 10, or 20 seconds as a video clip. 
You can also take still photos any time without affecting the video and the controls are duplicated on both sides for easy use with either hand!
App Features:
- Continuously captures video internally but only saves highlights you want to your photo library
- Takes still photos without affecting video capture
- Photo browser for playback and management
- Controls duplicated on both sides for right- or left-handed use